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San-Ai Corporation, U.S.A. Official Distributor of OY-EX in the USA!

San-Ai Corporation, U.S.A. is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of OY-EX (Oyster Extract) products, for sales to North America.

San-Ai Corporation, U.S.A. is a partner company of San-Ai Corporation, JPN of Tokyo, Japan. In business for over a quarter century, San-Ai Corporation, JPN is a leader in environmentally friendly products, based primarily in the petrochemical, plastic-related products field. The management of San-Ai JPN bring nearly 40 years of expertise for innovative product solutions. Likewise, San-Ai Corporation is also spearheading the introduction of many new high technology products to both Japan and the United States of America.

San-Ai Corporation is positioned to meet the needs of new and emerging high-technology products ranging from food to electronics and aerospace for the next technological revolution entering the 21st century.

While San-Ai Corporation accepts the natural evolution of high technology , we also want to pay careful attention and detail to the environment-friendly products while meeting the ever changing market-needs simultaneously.

OY-EX Health Supplements
San-Ai USA corporate office is located in Clovis, CA.

OY-EX Oyster Extract History

1974 The company is established. Starts sales of "Kaki". Establishes the Sendai sales Office
1975 Participates in the Okinawa Ocean Exhibition and the Tokyo International Modern Hospital Show.
1976 Establishes the Hiroshima and Sapporo sales Offices. Participates in the SIAL EXPO in Paris. Opens a Food & Nutrition Counseling Room to offer more complete services to consumers. Opens an account with Ryoshoku Limited. Starts to distribute "Kaki" to pharmacies all over Japan.
1979 Opens an account with Sumitomo Corporation. Starts to distribute "Sea Milk" to pharmacies all over Japan. Participates in the Anuga Foodtec '79 in Koln, Germany.
1981 Completes construction of head office. Establishes the Tokyo sales office.
1983 Establishes the Central Research Center.
1984 Completes the Miyazu Factory. Establishes the Japan Trace Nutrients Research Society (organized by research organizations of public and private universities.
1985 Succeeds in separating substance Z in oyster extract. Establishes the Fukuoka sales office
1986 Starts sales of oyster extract in cooperation with the All Japan Liquor Merchants Cooperative Association.
1989 Starts the distribution of products in cooperation with companies in different fields.
1990 Exhibits "Tower of Life" at the EXPO '90 in Osaka.
1991 Establishes the Nagoya sales office.
1992 Obtains the patent no.1770901 for the manufacturing method of oyster extract.
1993 Establishes the Kansai sales office. Obtains the patent no.1813693 in the relation to the substance having platelet aggregation depression ability.
1994 Obtains the patent no.1906437 for the lithium concentration fortifier. Celebrates the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company. Starts clinical research of oyster extract at the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology dept., University Paris-Sud-Faculte de Parmacie. Establishes the JCOE Research Society (organized by pharmacies all over Japan).
1995 Obtains a patent no.1932241 for a component used in the treatment of schizophrenia. Obtains patents (nos.2007451 and 2007452) for a platelet aggregation depressor. Obtains a patent (no.2129831) for a low molecular fraction in oysters.
1999 Obtains a patent (no.5925382) for a component with and antioxidant action and its manufacturing method.
2000 Hosts the first JCOE national congress of branch chiefs.
2001 Hosts the second JCOE national congress of branch chiefs (subsequently on an annual basis).
2002 Obtains a patent (no.3267962) for "W extraction and substance FC" (oyster extract and its manufacturing method).
2003 Patent application for "W extraction and substance FC" (oyster extract and its manufacturing method) being assessed in New Zealand.
2004 OY-EX Products available for sale in United States of America, through San-Ai Corporation, U.S.A. website!