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Miracle in a Bottle

I have nothing but good things to say about the (OY-EX) pills. I have some liver trouble, so I was very interested in the testing done at OY-EX for people with compromised liver systems. I have been taking OY-EX for about 6 months, and I can honestly say that my blood test before taking OY-EX were quite discouraging, but after 6 months of OY-EX, careful diet and exercise, my latest blood test results are greatly improved. In fact, my doctor is confused, and asks what I am doing! I just smile, and tell her, "Well, it must be clean living!!"

When I first began taking OY-EX, it was only available directly from Japan. But now that it is going to be sold domestically, not only will it be more convenient for me to buy OY-EX, but it will also be a lot easier for me to share my "good news and results" with other friends and family who can benefit from taking these "little pills"!!
Jeanne - Oklahoma, USA

*Posted March 2, 2004*

OY-EX was an answer to my prayers, and I mean that quite literally.

Last year, I received the shocking news that I had tested positive for HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) after a difficult stay at a hospital some six months earlier. It had involved many IVs and injections, sometimes with disastrous results. I will forever believe that some of the slip-shod gworkh done in that hospital room was responsible for my current condition, although there was a surgery done several decades ago that could have been the culprit. I donft think so, but proving exactly where I got HCV would be extremely difficult to do, or perhaps, as attorneys have pointed out, it would more likely be impossible.

At first, I was stunned into a sort of mental paralysis, asking how could this be, and of course, why me. The options offered to me at the time were not pleasant to consider: a slow, agonizing death (or so my doctors told me) or a slow, agonizing treatment that offered no guarantees that it would even work. 50/50 were the best odds they would offer me for a cure, and even then, it could return.

I researched the treatment. Lasting at least six months, it resembled chemo-therapy in some ways. On some of the internet support groups, there were names of people who couldnft take the harshness of the treatment, and chose the quicker way out: suicide. Others simply dropped out after a few weeks, defeated and more sick than before they started.

People talked about the expense, which was overwhelming, despite these poor odds for curing it. People also talked about their broken lives as they underwent the treatment. The mood swings are radical, and often a spouse or other family members can scarcely recognize the person as their loving mother, father, husband, or wife. Marriages dissolved under the stress. People were asked by other family members to leave their homes. Jobs were lost, leaving no means of support.

I saw no recourse for me but to pray, and oh, brother, let me tell you, I prayed hard!

Once I unfolded my hands and raised my head, I felt better. I had the sense that in some way--some way I couldnft see just yet--I would come to understand that it wasnft as bad as it appeared.

At that moment, the mental paralysis began to lift, and I knew there were things I could do to help myself. I wasnft sure what they were yet, but I knew I would find them. The first thing I did on that day was submit my name to several prayer lists. Then, I started looking for things I could do to help my ailing liver, bought a few books, and started with some basics--movement, breathing, and perhaps most important, living. That meant that in addition to adding some gentle exercise, being careful with food (and eliminating alcohol altogether), and doing some attitude adjustment, I also began talking with friends again, close to home and on the internet.

It is at this time that God's miraculous ways became apparent. I mentioned?almost in passing?my condition to one such friend, who, almost in answer to those prayers, said hey, Ifm working out a deal to import some pretty terrific stuff from Japan. He told me that in Japan, oyster extract had been shown to do some spectacular work on ailing livers, and in some cases, it had totally cleared the system of HCV! He asked if I would like to try it, once the red tape was completed and he had some on hand.

While I waited, I tried to make good use of my time. I learned Tai Chi, revisited some of my old yoga postures, continued with the prayer work, and practiced both acupressure and lymph massage. My test numbers improved, cutting the AST and ALT down to half. The ALT was actually in the "normal" zone.

I have to say, though, that I truly began feeling good when I started the OY-EX. I had more energy than Ifd had for months. My fingernails not only grew faster, but they were stronger and less brittle. My complexion went from "regular" to "glowing." My next test results after starting the OY-EX were also good, with some numbers actually improving.

There have been ups and downs. It hasnft been a straight and smooth road. If other health problems intrude, the tests come back looking less optimistic. I theorize that maintaining good health is an important part of beating this virus, and that itfs imperative that I stay healthy enough to avoid having to take antibiotics.

One number, however, that remains in the good column is the viral count. OY-EX seems to have lowered my original count by nearly half. I started out with 153,000 IU/ml, and my latest test shows only 80,500 IU/ml. I think Ifm getting there?with a lot of help from my friends, OY-EX, and God--Who heard my prayers and made it all possible.

The stats:

June 11:

AST 54 - ALT 91 - HCV 153,000 IU/ml

July 23:

Liver biopsy -"Minimal to mild activity, grade 1-2, no significant fibrosis, stage 0."

August 27:

AST 31 - ALT 49

November 12 (had illness requiring strong antibiotics):

AST 33 - ALT 53

January 19 (again, heavily dosed with antibiotics for almost a month, including on the test date):

AST 55 - ALT 88 - HCV 80,500 IU/ml

This is my story so far. For more information on how I use OY-EX, contact me at the email provided below. I would also be happy to discuss some of the other components of my program, and, if so desired, suggest some helpful books on acupressure and lymph massage.

Jeanne - Oklahoma, USA (Posted Tuesday, March 2, 2004)

How I'm doing so far (an update)

**Posted January 10, 2005**

In late September of last year, another test was made. I was disappointed in the results, and frankly, a little incredulous. On paper, it looked like I'd lost ground:

AST = 45 IU/L
ALT = 124 IU/L

HCV RNA, PCR had also risen to 87,100 IU/mL, almost 7,000 more than previously.

On the other hand, anything under a million IU/mL is considered pretty low, so perhaps I should be counting my blessings--consider: I've taken no treatment, yet I seem to be holding my ground with the virus.

The liver function is another matter, and could be the result of a number of factors:

  1. I've been told that when OY-EX is really working well, the AST and ALT will go up as the liver sloughs off old cells.
  2. I might have been exposed to a number of factors that can harm the liver--anything from household cleaning chemicals to additives in food.
  3. I'd had some dental work done, and that would include whatever they use to deaden the mouth to the filling itself. Plus, prior to the dental work, there was an infection in the problem tooth, and of course antibiotics to fight off the infection.

In any event, the way I feel seems to bear no resemblance whatever to how those test results appear. Just to bring things into perspective, let me compare how I felt the month or so before being diagnosed (when the virus was really hitting me for the first time), and how things are now:

In the month--or maybe two months--before the diagnosis hit the fan, my normal state seemed to be one of chronic exhaustion. It was puzzling at the time--I simply didn't have the strength to do simple things. Exercise? Fat chance--a few minutes and I was ready to collapse. I had to do my housework in shifts--after 15 minutes or so, I'd have to sit down, take a breather, and rest before continuing on. Any activity like this would not only wear me out, but I'd break out in cold sweats.

Just yesterday I was thinking of this as I whizzed through the house all in one session, and no shortness of breath, no cold sweats, nothing even approaching exhaustion. I thought, goodness, what a difference from just a couple of years ago!

It didn't happen overnight--but then, I think healing is often gradual. As I worked with the OY-EX and some other supplements I've recently added, the "before" and "after" has been dramatic.

For now, I continue with my acupressure and prayer work, and during the past two months (after the test, so I can't judge the effect on test results yet) I've added 19 grains of lecithin and 3 10-grain tablets of brewers yeast three times a day. I like to take vitamin C crystals twice a day to boost my immunity, milk thistle, and I'm still taking 3 Oy Ex tablets in the morning and the evening. I do my yoga sporadically because of ever-changing schedules in the home, and sometimes fill in with QiGong exercises. However, I NEVER miss my lymphatic massage, at least twice a day, which both energizes and helps the body boost the immune system.

The important thing, I think, is this: the liver needs to be nourished and gently cared for. Nourishing the liver involves not only the supplements, but it needs to receive good blood circulation to bring in the nourishment and clear out the toxins. Therefore, some exercise and/or good breathing routines assist the supplements in their work. Underlying all of this is the spiritual aspect. Even scientific research has revealed the strength in prayer, do not underestimate it!

The "gentle care" should include being careful around chemicals and toxins that the liver must try to filter. These include household cleaners, anything you touch with your skin (the skin absorbs a great deal), and what you inhale. Some cleaners have powerful fumes and what you breathe in is eventually processed by the liver. You can't avoid everything, but while cleaning the house, a pair of waterproof gloves and an open window (when possible) are gifts to an ailing liver!

Other dangers include anything with alcohol in it: alcohol has been shown in some tests to actually cause the HCV to proliferate. It's also a poison to the liver, as is nutmeg and certain other herbs and spices. Read labels, or, if there is no label, ask the cook about the ingredients if you're not sure.

Will I ever take "the treatment"? Maybe, if they can come up with a way to make it more than a 50-50 chance for a cure, and more important, if they can find a more gentle way of clearing the virus than very nearly killing the patient!

Meanwhile, I have OY-EX, and I seem to mostly be holding my own, through the grace of God and the help of many prayers from friends and loved ones. Considering how I feel today, I think my chances are pretty good.

If you would like more information, drop me a line!

Jeanne - Oklahoma, USA (Posted Monday, January 10, 2005)