Oyster Extract "Health Effects" observed!

What are some of the Health Effects of OY-EX? What can I expect after I begin to take OY-EX regularly?

[Health Effects of OY-EX Oyster Extract]

[Scientific Effects of OY-EX Oyster Extract]


Health Effects of OY-EX Oyster Extract

What kind of effect will I notice from taking OY-EX?

There are several effects you may notice from taking OY-EX. If you are taking 2-3 tablets per day, you will begin to notice good results on about the third day. Primarily, the nutrients in OY-EX are delivered to your LIVER first. Blood circulation will improve, and you may notice a significant increase in energy. If you have felt cold before, because of poor circulation, you may feel warmer in your extremities, like your hands and feet. Water metabolism is quickly improved. Urine quantity and urine excretions will increase, as pollutants are removed easier due to increased efficiency of your LIVER. If you have been experiencing swelling or bloating from water retention, you may notice a decline.

Why should I take OY-EX before a meal?

Actually, you can take OY-EX anytime, since the nutrients will be absorbed in time. But we recommend that you take OY-EX before a meal, so you can enjoy maximum absorption and easy digestion. Please note, if you suffer from gastritis or you feel low on energy, then we recommend that you take OY-EX after you finish your meal. This is based upon good reports from over 40,000 OY-EX users in detailed feed back reports.

Should I take OY-EX in the morning or at night?

It is most effective to take OY-EX in the morning. This is the best time if you are in good health. However, if by the end of the day, you feel tired or low on energy, then we recommend that you take OY-EX at lunch time. Avoid taking OY-EX tablet at bed time, since digestion is more difficult while laying flat on your back while sleeping.

How many OY-EX tablets should I take each day?

If you take OY-EX on a daily basis, we recommend that ladies take 2-3 tablets per day, and that gentlemen take 3-4 tablets per day. If you are looking for quick results, or are suffering from low energy, you can gdouble-uph your dosage. So ladies can take 4-6 and gentlemen can take 6-8 tablets per day.

If you are suffering from chronic illness, we recommend that you start off very mildly with OY-EX. Take 1 tablet per day, for one week, then 2 tablets for 2 weeks and then if results are good, up your dosage to 3 tablets per day. If at anytime you feel discomfort after taking OY-EX such as an upset stomach or other discomfort, simply lower the dosage by 1 tablet. In nearly all cases, after a few weeks, those suffering from chronic disease notice improvement, and continue taking OY-EX for good nutritional effects.

If I am taking 4, 6 or 8 tablets each day, should I take them all at once?

Basically, please remember that OY-EX is a food supplement. So it is not critical when you take OY-EX. We simply find that by establishing a regular regime, OY-EX will become a part of your normal every day routine. Again, we believe it is better to take OY-EX in the morning with your meal.

If you are suffering from a LIVER DISEASE and need increased nutritional sources, please spread out the intake of OY-EX throughout the day. For example, 1/3 in the morning, 1/3 at Lunch and 1/3 of your dosage at Dinner. If you are suffering from High Blood Pressure or Heart Disease, please start with a lower dosage, and monitor your overall health status. Most people who suffer from arteriosclerosis are very aware of their heart symptoms. We recommend these users remain diligent for those same reasons.

By the way, do I chew the tablets or simply swallow them?

Some people simply donft like to swallow pills or tablets. If that is the case, you are welcome to carefully chew the OY-EX tablets. Be cautious not to crack your teeth however! You will get to taste the pure oyster extract concentrate, so your taste buds will be very surprised. Normally, simply swallow the tablet intact and it will quickly and easily be absorbed through your natural digestive process.

Can I take OY-EX with any beverage, or only with water?

You can basically take OY-EX with any beverage, tea, water, soda, milk. It is your choice. Obviously, our OY-EX beverages are liquid, so absorption is immediate upon consumption. If you take OY-EX with beer or wine, again there is no problem since the normal digestive process will quickly and easily be absorbed through your natural digestive process.

Scientific Effects of OY-EX Oyster Extract

OK, I am curious how OY-EX is able to have any effect!!

Micro nutrition (vitamins and minerals) are easily forgotten in a typical modern diet. Prepackaged, prepared and fast foods are often high in fat and calories, but very deficient in vitamins and minerals. If people have this type of diet for long periods of time, the negative effect can be vulnerability to disease and premature aging.

OY-EX has more than 40 types of micro-nutrients contained in raw oysters, so the effect for users of OY-EX can be dramatic if their current diet is lacking in nutritional substance. In addition, micro-nutrients have an even better effect when combined with the natural amino acids found in oyster extract, such as taurine and glycogen.

Tell me more about how OY-EX effects people who take it?

Remember, OY-EX does not affect people like medicine would. Nutritional elements are supplied to the body, absorbed and digested, and then the effects upon the various organs occur. We have found that OY-EX will benefit the weakest organs in your body first, since the body has a natural defense mechanism to gsendh the nutrients to the weakest or "sickest" organs.

Here is a short list of some diseases and symptoms people have noticed good results:

Adult Diseases:
E LIVER disease, high blood pressure, heart disease.

Womenfs Diseases:
E Cold Constitution, low blood pressure, anemia, general disorders, menstruation, stiff joints, swelling of hands and feet.

Older People:
E Improved memory, improved vision, milder effects of arthritis, improved appetite, increased energy and better overall immune system.

Is the effect of OY-EX immediate, or does it take time?

OY-EX products are quickly and easily digested and absorbed. Because the vitamins and minerals are absorbed easily, they are carried quickly throughout the body to areas of need. In fact, you can think of taking OY-EX as a gnatural IV driph for your body!

Wait a minute, when I first started, I really noticed a difference, but now after several months I donft think OY-EX is working. What happened?

As stated earlier, most people have low or deficient nutrient levels in their body. After you have been taking OY-EX for some time, your nutrient levels will stabilize. Donft take this to mean poor or no effect. Keep a log or journal. Are you more or less healthy than prior to taking OY-EX? Usually, OY-EX users notice fewer colds, flu and other common illness.

Also, if you are suffering from chronic disease, give OY-EX plenty of time to help. The nutritional effects will be much slower, because the nutritional elements will be absorbed and used to help the sick parts of your body. Be patient. Many OY-EX users report amazing results over time, but they also ggive uph too soon, and stop taking OY-EX. Only then do they realize how much worse they begin to feel once the vitamin and mineral levels in their body begins to decline once again.

So, how long should I take OY-EX?

Once again, this is not a medicine. It is a nutritional supplement. Even after you notice good effects, donft stop taking OY-EX. It has been proven that good nutrition is a key to avoiding chronic adult diseases.


I am worried; will I have any side effects like constipation from OY-EX?

Most users of OY-EX report no trouble with constipation. However, in some cases, when OY-EX users who lack vegetables and fibers in their diet, that have reported an increase in constipation. The simplest solution is to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and fibers if possible. This simple change in your diet should eliminate any problems with constipation.

Wow, after taking OY-EX I seem to feel warm and I am sweating more?

When your body function improves, this can be a common symptom because of an increase in normal blood flow and circulation. If however after about 1 week you still feel warm and sweaty, simply decrease the OY-EX quantity per day by 1 tablet until the temperature seems back to normal.

I feel more swollen and bloated after taking OY-EX. Why?

This can happen with people suffering from kidney disease. OY-EX improves the bodyfs natural water metabolism. When this occurs in a normal person, it will increase the frequency of urination, as well as the effectiveness of removing impurities from the body. But if you feel swollen or bloated, simply decrease by 1 tablet the OY-EX you take for a few weeks, and then try again. By then your system should be working more efficiently because of the increase in vitamins and minerals.

I am having trouble sleeping after taking OY-EX. Why?

As your blood circulation and metabolism improves, you will naturally become more active. Again, we would recommend that you take OY-EX after your morning meal, and avoid taking OY-EX after lunch time. That should improve your sleep pattern. An increase in exercise could also improve night time rest.

WOW, I seem to have eczema on my arms after taking OY-EX?

It has been reported by some OY-EX users (with lower liver functions) an increase in eczema. This usually is because of a stressful lifestyle, too much consumption of alcohol, over working and other difficult lifestyles. When these people begin taking OY-EX, there is a large amount of waste products in their bodies, and it can be excreted through the skin in the form of eczema. After taking OY-EX for a few weeks, and by improving their diet with fruits, vegetables and fiber, the eczema will disappear.

*If the eczema continues, we recommend that you stop taking OY-EX until the eczema stops, and then begin with OY-EX again. Eventually, you should be able to eliminate the eczema as the nutrient level in your body increases and eventually stabilize.