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Zinc: The First-Line-Of-Defense for Improving the bodyfs Immune System

The Immune System is your natural ability to protect your body from disease. Zinc activates the correct function of your immune cells. Studies show that people who suffer from Zinc deficiency nearly always have a decreased immune system and are subject to infections and illness.

Zinc: How does it effect the Bodyfs Growth and our Metabolism

New cells reproduce through cell division, known as protein synthesis. Enzymes primary component is zinc which is indispensable in this synthesis process. Cell division almost never occurs smoothly if there is a deficiency of Zinc. Zinc deficiency prevents normal development, and can stunt growth in children. Studies have proven that during pregnancy, the growing baby is at risk of normal development or even premature delivery due to zinc deficiency.

Zinc: How does it affect Taste Disorders

An increasing number of people, especially the younger generation, suffer from taste disorders. This is usually the result of undernourishment and excessive consumption of instant processed food and junk food (Fast Food!!). A personfs sense of taste is maintained properly through the normal and continuous protein synthesis metabolism process in the cells of your taste buds.

Zinc deficiency disturbs cell metabolism and dulls or alters a personfs normal sense of taste. Because of Zinc deficiency, such individuals show symptoms of taste disorder, including a poor sense of taste, which can lead the individual toward stronger tasting foods and drinks; for example very sweet foods or bitter drinks. Without correcting your Zinc levels, you can eventually lose completely your normal sense of taste.

Zinc: Any effect on our Mental Stability

In todayfs fast paced life styles, an increasing number of people are becoming hot-tempered and easily lose control. Stress is a major contributor to these types of changes in personality.

Calcium is a critically important nutrient that naturally promotes mental stability. But taking large doses of calcium is not the answer. In fact, studies have shown that Zinc transports calcium to the brain. Again, it is easy to realize the importance of a naturally balanced level of nutrients in your body.

Zinc: What about the Side-Effects of drinking Alcohol

When you drink alcohol, alcohol metabolism in the cells of your liver are effectively degraded. Studies have proven that the liver can only metabolize a finite quantity of alcohol per hour. In this process, acetaldehyde is produced as a metabolite when you sober up. If this metabolic process does not go smoothly, acetaldehyde remaining in the living body causes a hangover.

Zinc supports the activity of an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenize, which is related to the degradation (removal) of alcohol in the liver.

Zinc: What role upon our Reproductive Organs

Essentially, the male sexual organ and semen contain a large amount of zinc. Men have many problems, such as declining energy, impotence, sexual hyperplasia, prostate hypertrophy, and male infertility. These problems are caused primarily by zinc deficiency.


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