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Zinc Deficiency Survey Sheet

Applicable items which may apply!
Accelerated hair loss or damage
Slowing hair growth
Losing the quality of your vision
Blurred vision in low light or darkness
Decreased sense of taste
Unpleasant taste in your mouth between meals
Often diagnosed with anemia
Rapid decline in memory
Increased presence of dandruff
Darkening in color, the palms of hands or soles of feet
Increased skin dryness
Chronic stomatitis (Canker Sores)
Burning or tingling sensation on the tongue
Decreased secretion of saliva
Increased susceptibility to colds
Long recovery period for minor cuts or wounds
Nails becoming deformed
Nails grow at a much slower rate
Feeling of Coldness experienced in your extremities
Women Only
Irregular menstruation
Premenstrual irritability or headaches
Men Only
Rapid decline in energy and stamina


  • If you circle even one of the symptoms listed on the check sheet, you may be suffering from zinc deficiency.
  • But if you have circled several items, then it is very likely you are suffering from a deficiency in Zinc.
  • The above symptoms may be early warnings of malnutrition or stress.
  • They may also indicate the onset of a more serious disease!
  • Please seek medical advice and have a blood test for indications of zinc deficiency if you have circled five or more items above.

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