Oyster Extract "Customer Reports" about good health!

Customer Feedback Questionnaire Summaries

***(Survey detailed key below.)

Oyster Extract has been sold in selected pharmacies and health food stores in Japan since 1990. Oyster Extract (OY-EX) products are sold throughout Japan. When reviewing the age of our customers, we find the most are over fifty (50) years of age. 70% of our customers are between the age of forty (40) to sixty (60) years of age.

The gender of our customers:

  • Men slightly outnumber Ladies as regular users of OY-EX.
  • Our study also found that many children under the age of nine (9) take Oyster Extract.

The most common doses taken per day were:

  • Most Common Dosage
  • Six Pills per day, MALES
  • Three Pills per day, FEMALES
  • Second most Common
  • Six Pill per day, FEMALES
  • Three Pills per day, MALES
  • On average, most customers take between three to six OY-EX tablets per day, usually 3 at breakfast and 3 at lunch or dinner.

Special Health Conditions:

  • Customer responses indicated that OY-EX users take their health condition very seriously. They are concerned about Liver Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Diseases and their own overall good conditioning during the aging process.
  • We found that some of our OY-EX users were suffering from chronic diseases, most commonly Liver Disease. These users took much higher doses of OY-EX per day, with the highest dose being 17 tablets per day.

On average, users suffering from chronic disease took on average:

  • Most Common Dosage
  • Six-Eight Pills per day, MALES
  • Three-Six Pills per day, FEMALES
  • Second Most Common
  • Six-Eight Pills per day, FEMALES
  • Three-Six Pills per day, MALES

Final Results:

  • Of all OY-EX users who responded to the customer survey, the results were as follows:

*Oyster Extract Sea Milk6,83330,24018,78718356,043
Total Number of Customers37,07366% found Oyster Extract Effective!

**Oyster Extract Substance Z1,1194,0491,904287,100
Total Number of Customers5,16873% found Oyster Extract(Z) Effective!

NOTE *Oyster Extract Sea Milk
(Not Available in the USA)
NOTE**Oyster Extract Substance Z is the same product as OY-EX USA!!

***Survey Details:
OY-EX received 72,358 direct customer mail responses to the Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey was the summarized results from 40,000 customers, over a five year period from June 1, 1984 until September 30, 1989. This was one of the most extensive customer feedback surveys ever conducted regarding the detailed use and results of Oyster Extract which we are aware of in the world.